Three homeschool moms walk into a bar (well, it was really a coffee shop)……Where they lamented the lack of a good, solid, inclusive website for homeschool resources…..and so The HomeSchool Compass was born. We understand and respect the many reasons people choose to homeschool.  Our goal is to provide the best and most current information available.


There is even a section on our site for your kids to visit….

Kid’s Corner – Articles, Stories, Poems, and more– written by kids, for kids.


Whether you are a seasoned homeschooler, or are just getting started, The HomeSchool Compass is here to serve you.  Education in the home should be both enjoyable and productive. You will find curriculum reviews, downloads, tools and gadgets to make your life easier and so much more! The HomeSchool Compass also offers coaching and consulting packages to fit all needs and lifestyles.



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Religion – We try to keep things secular so as not offend anyone


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Planning The High School Years

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The Homeschool Compass also offers consulting services. Whether you are a new homeschooler or an old hand looking to change things up – we are happy to help.