Key to Metric Measurement Curriculum Review

Key to Metric Measurement Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Key to Metric Measurement  is an excellent follow up to the measurement series. Much like the Standard Measurement curriculum, Metric Measurement  is laid out in 4 books beginning with simple real life measurement exercises and ending with more complex measurements such as capacity, temperature, and time.  We found the books easy to use.  KTMM allowed my son to work at his own pace and rewarded his success.   Difficult concepts were made easy with simple, easy to understand explanations and sample problems. More importantly, he retained the knowledge gained using these books and was able to apply it to more difficult math concepts later on. Key to Metric Measurement also covered conversion skills which we especially helpful in our science studies. Key to… workbooks are affordable, giving you more bang for buck than most other math curriculum.

The Facts

Book 1 Metric Units of Length

Book one introduces metric units of measurement by using common objects and scenarios and includes a number of practical exercises where students are asked to measure either items in the building or drawings on a page. This book concentrates heavily on the precision of measurements.

Book 2 Measuring Length and Perimeter Using Metric Length

Book 2 begins with estimating lengths and changing units of length.  There is a review for adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals followed by the calculation of perimeters and learning how to compute the missing measurement when determining perimeter.  Like the other books in this series, this books provides “real life” examples and plenty of practical exercises.

Book 3 Finding Area and Volume Using Metric Units

Book 3 uses a number of practical exercises to introduce the concept of metric area.  Students are asked to measure several objects around their home for comparison followed by the examination of surface areas. Next, units of volume are studied by exploring cubic measurement and examining volume patterns.

Book 4 Metrics Units for Mass, Capacity, Temperature, and Time

Book 4 is longer than the others in this series. Much of the information is applicable on a daily basis. Section 1 begins with comparing masses and changing units of mass. Volume is reviewed and students begin changing units of capacity by using the concepts learned in the sections on mass and volume to determine capacity. Students then move on to temperature and time.

Each book ends with a cumulative test in order to determine whether the student is ready to move to the next book or review the skills presented in the current book.

The Key to Metric Measurement provides self-paced, self-guided workbooks. It motivates students and builds their confidence with bite-size, easy to follow lesson.  This curriculum allows customization for individual learners.


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