Key to Percents Curriculum Review

Key to Percents Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Key to Percents is perfect for the child who needs to know why a math problem works. The material is presented in a logical, easy to understand format. Percents are explained not only in a mathematical format, but also explained for use in “real life.” Each book covers a specific percent skill building upon the skills learned in the previous book. Not only were we able to cover the information at a fairly brisk pace, but when we finished, I was confident that my son had mastered the skills. I used this curriculum in conjunction with our primary math book.

The Facts

The Key to Percents provides self-paced, self-guided workbooks. It motivates students and builds their confidence with bite-size, easy to follow lesson. This curriculum allows customization for individual learners.

Book 1  Percent Concepts

Book 1 begins by exploring simple concepts with shading, pie charts, and pictures.  This book concentrates on making the student completely comfortable with percents. The exercises are designed to reinforce percent concepts in a number of different ways.

Book 2  Percents and Fractions

Book 2 begins with a review of percent concepts and multiplying and dividing by one to make equal fractions. This book starts with simple fraction exercise to illustrate how to solve percents and moves on to more difficult problems. By the end of this book students are able to solve any percent problem by using fractions.

Book 3  Percents and Decimals

Book 3 begins by comparing shaded graphs to numbers containing decimals. Student are then taught simple rules for writing percents as decimals in their simplest form. By the end of book 3, students are able to convert from percents to decimals and back.





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