Nancy Larson Science

Nancy Larson Science

Our Experience

I am not strong in science. I had lousy science teachers in my own school experience. And as much as I value language and history (my strengths), I can’t devalue science. I think it deserves a solid place in our homeschool. Since science is a weak subject for me, I want a good bit of direction.

Enter Nancy Larson Science. I finally found a curriculum for science that I’m really happy with. Yes, it’s pricey. But it is thorough, completely scripted (so, no guessing), has everything you need for experiments in one box (almost no teacher preparation necessary, other than making sure you pull out items used in that day’s lesson), and it can be used with multiple ages at a time. For example, I used Level 2 easily with a kindergartner (who was admittedly advanced in reading and writing) and a 4th grader. We learned so much, and we all loved it. The curriculum does a great job of teaching scientific principles, not just facts.  I see my children retaining the information and applying it elsewhere.

I like this quote from the website: “Vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension are three important components in reading that we took into consideration when we wrote our lessons. To reinforce your child’s reading skills and comprehension of text, important strategies are built into the program. Some of these include observing, visualizing, applying, predicting, describing, and summarizing.” The lessons also teach study skills through the teaching method, such as by having the students highlight important words with a pen or by teaching them to “look back” on previous pages to find answers.

Science gets done around here since we’ve used Nancy Larson.

The Facts

The homeschool kits come with the following items:

-Teacher’s manual (the scripted lesson plans with answer keys for the student materials —very organized)

-Student materials (booklets to read together and fill out, plus a tear-off tablet that includes lesson reviews and assessments)

-Resource materials (photo cards, and a CD with more photos and other resources)

-Tool kit (this is the gem—all the items you need for the science experiments in one box!)


Basically, here’s how to use these materials: Each student has his or her booklet ready. The teacher (after noting what items need to come out of the tool kit) first reads the lesson from her manual to the children, which includes all directions for students and teacher (such as “show students photo card #3”). After the student booklets have been read together and the experiment done, the teacher can give students their own lesson review sheet (found in the tear-off tablet) to work on independently (or you could just go through it orally with a non-reading child). We actually do 3 or 4 lessons at a time, and I usually give the lesson review sheets for all lessons at the end. You can probably do a single lesson in 20 minutes easily, depending on how much discussion has been sparked by the experiment. The scripted part plus the reading in the student booklet typically last no more than 10-15 minutes total (and it might go faster for others—my kids are so animated during science, it slows us down).

*Note: The kit comes with one set of student materials. You can buy additional student materials if needed.


Also Available by Nancy Larson

Nancy Larson currently offers the following homeschool kits. Each kit can be used with students older than the ages recommended if they’ve had limited science experience:

Science K (ages 5-7)

Science 1 (ages 5-8)

Science 2 (ages 7-9)

Science 3 (ages 8-11)

Science 4 (ages 9-12)

* Classroom Kits are also available.


Where to Purchase

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