Singapore Math Level 1 Curriculum Review

Singapore Math Level 1 Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Like most homeschoolers, choosing Singapore Math was an easy decision for me. I loved the idea of a math experience that would be stress-free from the start. The books are divided into 2 semesters – 1A and 1B. It was super easy to use, and our kids loved the colorful pictures and easy-to-understand instructions. Not being a math person myself, I purchased the Home Instructor Guide to ensure my explanation of concepts would be consistent throughout our Singapore years. Concepts are introduced, practiced, and reviewed. Each concept is revisited multiple times in the books in order to cement both the concept and the process by which a particular problem is solved. One of my favorite things about Singapore Math is the emphasis on learning mental math skills. It is astounding the amount of math my kids are able to do in their heads! For additional practice, I added in the Intensive Practice book, which from an educational standpoint was incredible; the kids, however, did not love it. If you do not choose to use the Intensive Practice book, I would suggest adding some sort of regular math drill several times per week. There are some wonderful sites online where you can print off free drill worksheets.

The Facts

In order to use Singapore to its fullest advantage, you will need to purchase the text books and workbooks for both 1A and 1B, as well as the Home Instructor’s Guide. Singapore is published in different formats. There is a version of Singapore used by schools, simply called Singapore Math. This version of Singapore does not cover as much information and the formatting is not as user friendly – this version is widely available in “School Stores.” Most Homeshoolers prefer the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition – which is what I suggest. The U.S. edition covers both standard and metric measurement, and the material is presented in a manner that ensures life long retention. Singapore uses mental math and word problems much earlier than other math curricula, which proves advantageous in later years for upper school math.

1A consists of 9 Chapters:

Chapter 1 covers Numbers 0 to 10 and counting

Chapter 2  introduces number bonds and making number stories

Chapter 3  introduces methods of Addition from making addition stories to addition with number bonds

Chapter 4  discusses methods of Subtraction

Chapter 5  covers Ordinal numbers and naming positions

Chapter 6  compares numbers up to 20

Chapter 7  reviews common shapes and grouping

Chapter 8  introduces Length – Comparing and measuring Length

Chapter 9  covers Weight  both by comparison and measure

1B consists of 9 Chapters:

Chapter 1  Compares numbers

Chapter 2  Introduces Picture Graphs

Chapter 3  Covers numbers up to 40 including tens and ones as well as adding three numbers

Chapter 4  Introduces simple multiplication

Chapter 5  Covers Division – sharing and grouping

Chapter 6  Discusses Halves and Quarters

Chapter 7  Telling Time

Chapter 8  Covers numbers up to 100 including place values, order of numbers, and addition and subtraction

Chapter 9  Introduces Money

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