Age of Mythology – Game Review

Age of Mythology – Game Review

My Experience

Age of Mythology is a computer game that revolves around strategy and adventure, as well as Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies. I have found Age of Mythology to be not only very entertaining, but also quite educational.  I have been able to apply things I’ve learned in history to this game.  I particularly enjoy employing various tactics and abilities from the mythologies covered in the game.  As for the educational aspects, I’ve learned all sorts of things.  For example, I’ve learned the origin of the word tantalize, and I have learned about Norse gods.  Norse mythology is very confusing and complex, especially to those who don’t speak Scandinavian.  Before playing this game, I was under the impression that Greek armies consisted only of hoplites, which were infantry men clad in armor, armed with spears, shields. I  thought that kings fought from their chariots.  After playing  Age of Mythology, I know that were also Toxotes, Peltasts, Gastraphetes, (all of which are archers), Hypaspists (another type of infantry soldier), and Hetairoi (a type of cavalry man), among others.  These are just some of the many things I have learned from Age of Mythology.

One of the most enjoyable components of the game is the ability to not only build my armies, but also to create my civilizations. Civilization-building includes towns, houses, armories, temples, and even farms. The player controls when the fields are harvested and when the villagers hunt for food. This aspect of the game allows me to prioritize and strategize, depending on my needs at any given time. The variety of units and buildings allows the player to interact with his surroundings.


 The Facts

Age of Mythology, created by Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios, is a PC game, rated T by the ESRB  for minor blood and violence. I personally feel that this rating is not accurate.  The blood and violence is not very realistic, and nothing about the game is inappropriate or graphic for almost any audience.  A better rating would be E, or E10+.

Although the download data is split up over 2 discs, actual game play only requires one disc. The game has various modes.  You can follow Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron, and Amanra in story mode as they try to prevent the cyclops Gargarensis from freeing Kronos from the Underworld, or play Random Map, where you select your major god (your patron), your map, and your opponent’s major god, or set any of these to random.

Minor gods in all modes are worshiped at intervals in the game to unlock new powers, units, and buildings.  You must collect resources to train units, research upgrades, and create buildings.  Also note that Age of Mythology includes a multi-player mode, which can either be used online with unknown players, or a direct line, where you know exactly who you are playing.  The major Greek  gods are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, and the Egyptian major gods are Ra, Isis, and Set.  The Norse major gods are Thor, Odin, and Loki.  All major and minor gods give different upgrades, powers and myth units.  Relics can be collected for military or economic bonuses.

I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in history or mythology.


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  1. Nice article Max! This game would probably appeal to someone else I know. :) Thanks

  2. Kathleen says:

    Very well written and informative article. My kids enjoy Age of Empires, so perhaps they’d enjoy this too.

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