Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Math

Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Math

Our Experience

Earlybird Kindergarten Math is the perfect curriculum for new math students! There are wonderful illustrations and very clear instructions. Our little ones loved this curriculum. Like the other Singapore levels, Kindergarten Math is divided into 2 semesters: 2A and 2B. The lessons are short, informative, and fun. We found that the format and concepts introduced in this level set our kids up for success. For additional practice, we added in the Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity book. The lessons are laid out in a very logical order, and encourage children to enjoy math.

The Facts

Earlybird Kindergaten Math begins by having the student trace and write numbers. The bottom of each page contains an educator’s box with instructions on how to proceed with lesson, and any facts or hints to make both the teaching and learning experience fun for both educator and student. Sometimes the educator’s box will ask the student to use his fingers to indicate numbers, other times it will employ flash cards, and sometimes a poem will be introduced to help the student remember a concept.

2A Consists of 20 Lessons:

Lesson 1   Reading and Writing of Numbers; Counting Orally

Lesson 2   Arranging numbers in sequence

Lesson 3   Recognizing the set with an equal number; Recognizing the set with one more; recognizing the set with one less

Lesson 4   Greater Than and Less Than

Lesson 5   Comparison of Numbers

Lesson 6   Understanding the concept of size

Lesson 7   Ordering according to height/length

Lesson 8   Estimating Length

Lesson 9   Understanding the use of limb measurements and measuring the same object using different length

Lesson 10  Estimating Weight and balancing with repeated units

Lesson 11  Comparing capacity by emptying and filling

Lesson 12  Counting Orally

Lesson 13  Reciting Number Rhymes

Lesson 14  Recognizing number words

Lesson 15  Understanding tens and ones

Lesson 16  Learning more about tens and ones

Lesson 17  Counting Orally

Lesson 18  Recognizing number words

Lesson 19  Recognizing one-half and one-quarter

Lesson 20  Approaching Addition; Recognizing the addition sign and the equal sign

2B Consists of 18 Lessons:

Lesson 1   Addition: Combining two sets together

Lesson 2   Picture Problems on addition; Composition of numbers; Number bonds

Lesson 3   Addition both ways

Lesson 4   Addition: Separating one set into two sets; Comparing two sets

Lesson 5   Subtraction: Counting back

Lesson 6   Subtraction: taking away, crossing out, the subtraction sign

Lesson 7   Subtraction: separating one set into two sets

Lesson 8   Subtraction: Both ways and the difference between 2 sets

Lesson 9   Story problems which include addition and subtraction

Lesson 10  Recognizing the features of the clock face and early recognition of time; Recognizing activities carried out at different times of the day

Lesson 11  Recognition of time and Reading Time

Lesson 12  Recognition and sequencing of the days of the week

Lesson 13  Counting in tens; Numbers 10 – 100; Counting orally from 1 – 100

Lesson 14  Counting in sets of 10

Lesson 15  Counting in fives and Numbers 5 – 50

Lesson 16  Recognition of coins and one-dollar bill; Ways of making up the value of coins

Lesson 17  Comparing amounts of money by totalling

Lesson 18  Early Shopping

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