Singapore Math Level 4 Curriculum Review

Singapore Math Level 4 Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Singapore Math level 4 is divided into 2 semesters – 4A and 4B. To say I am a big fan of Singapore math would be an understatement. As with level 3, concepts are presented in a logical manner, allowing more complex skills to seem simple. Level 4 provides the foundation upon which higher level math is built. Skills such as factoring and the measurement of angles are introduced, all while reinforcing previous concepts. There was one area in which level 4 fell short – fractions. I was not satisfied with the way fraction skills were taught and I was forced to look elsewhere for a good fractions curriculum. Fortunately, I found one and was able to use The Key to Fractions to cement the skills introduced in Singapore. I was however, very pleased with the presentation of geometry concepts. It is important to note that my disappointment with the fractions in Singapore did not in any way prevent us from using level 5.

The Facts

In order to use Singapore to its fullest advantage, you will need to purchase the text books and workbooks for both 4A and 4B, as well as the Home Instructor’s Guide. Singapore is published in different formats. There is  a version of Singapore used by schools simply called Singapore Math. This version of Singapore does not cover as much information and the formatting is not as user friendly – this version is widely available in “School Stores.” Most Homeshoolers prefer the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition – which is what I suggest. The U.S. edition covers both standard and metric measurement and the material is presented in a manner that ensures life-long retention. Singapore uses mental math and word problems much earlier than other math curricula, which proves advantageous in later years for upper school math.

4A is comprised of 7 Chapters:

Chapter 1   Whole Numbers to 100,000, Rounding Off Numbers, Factors, Multiples

Chapter 2   Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers, Multiplication and division by a 1-digit number and by 10, Multiplication by a 2-digit number

Chapter 3    Fractions – Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions, Fractions of a set

Chapter 4   Tables and Graphs – Presenting Data

Chapter 5   Measuring Angles

Chapter 6   Perpendicular and Parallel Lines

Chapter 7   Area and Perimeter – Rectangles and Squares, Composite Figures

4B is comprised of 6 Chapters:

Chapter 1   Decimals – Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Rounding Off

Chapter 2   The Four Operations of Decimals – Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Chapter 3   Measures

Chapter 4   Symmetry – Symmetric Figures

Chapter 5   Solid Figures

Chapter 6   Volume – Cubic Units and the volume of a Cuboid

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