Singapore Math Level 5 Curriculum Review

Singapore Math Level 5 Curriculum Review

Our Experience

As with the rest of the Singapore Primary Mathematics curriculum, Level 5 is divided into 2 semesters – 5A and 5B. We used the text book, the workbook, and the Intensive Practice book. With a minor exception, I was very pleased with this level. If you read my review of Singapore Math Level 4, you will remember that I was not thrilled with the section on fractions. Unfortunately, that proved to be the case in this level as well. Because I supplemented Singapore Level 4 with the Key to Fractions, we were able to move quickly and easily through the fractions presented in this Singapore level. I was, however, quite pleased with the rest of the Level 5 curriculum. As with the previous levels, my son looked forward to his math lesson each day. Teaching a child who is excited is always preferable to teaching one who is whining and complaining about his math – and I should know! Singapore 5A presented Ratios, Rates, and Averages in a practical and engaging manner. Not being a math person myself, Tessellations have always proved elusive until teaching my son “The Singapore Way.” I firmly believe that if school had taught me math in the same manner as what is presented in Singapore Primary Mathematics, my life would probably be very different today.

The Facts

In order to use Singapore to its fullest advantage, you will need to purchase the text books and workbooks for both 5A and 5B, as well as the Home Instructor’s Guide. Singapore is published in different formats. There is a version of Singapore used by schools simply called Singapore Math. This version of Singapore does not cover as much information and the formatting is not as user friendly – this version is widely available in “School Stores.” Most Homeshoolers prefer the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition – which is what I suggest. The U.S. edition covers both standard and metric measurement and the material is presented in a manner that ensures life-long retention. Singapore uses mental math and word problems much earlier than other math curricula, which proves advantageous in later years for upper school math.

5A consists of 6 Chapters:

Chapter 1 Whole Numbers – Place Values; Millions; Approximation and Estimation, Multiplying and Dividing by tens, hundreds, and thousands; Order of Operations, Word     Problems 

Chapter 2  Multiplication and Division by a 2-digit Whole Number

Chapter 3  Fractions – Dividing Fractions; Addition and Subtraction of Unlike Fractions; Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers; Product of Fractions, Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers

Chapter 4  Area of a Triangle

Chapter 5  Ratios – Finding Ratios; Equivalent Ratios; Comparing Three Quantities

Chapter 6  Angles – Measuring Angles and Finding Unknown Angles

5B consists of 9 Chapters:

Chapter 1  Decimals – Approximation/Estimation; Multiplying by a 2-digit Whole Number, Conversion of Measurements; Multiplying & Dividing by Tens, Hundreds, Thousands

Chapter 2  Percentage – Percent; Writing Fractions as Percentages; Percentage of a Quantity

Chapter 3  Averages

Chapter 4  Ratw

Chapter 5  Graphs – Line Graphs

Chapter 6  Triangles – Sum of Angles of a Triangle; Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles; Drawing Triangles

Chapter 7  4-Sided Figures – Parallelograms, Rhombuses, and Trapezoids; Drawing Parallelograms and Rhombuses

Chapter 8  Tessellations – Tilting Patterns

Chapter 9  Volume – Cubes & Cuboids; Finding the Volume of a Solid

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