Singapore Math Level 6 Curriculum Review

Singapore Math Level 6 Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Singapore Level 6, like the rest of their math curriculum, is divided into semesters – 6A and 6B. I have very mixed feelings about level 6. There are a number of new concepts presented to prepare the student for Pre-Algebra. As with most things Singapore, they are presented in a logical and engaging manner. Unfortunately, there are not enough practice problems on the new concepts to prove useful. There is also a great deal of review of basic math skills and concepts. Okay, now for the good news…..There are 22 pages titled “More Challenging Word Problems.” These challenging word problems allow the student to put some of his new skills to use, as well as cement  previously learned concepts. Most importantly, the Word Problem section takes the student to a much higher level of critical thinking and forces him to address the word problems in layers (multiple steps). I have a child who despises “steps,” so for him, this section was priceless! If you are comfortable with the your child’s retention at the end of 6A, you can move through 6B fairly quickly. I would highly suggest using the Intensive Practice Books for level 6.

The Facts

In order to use Singapore to its fullest advantage, you will need to purchase the text books and workbooks for both 6A and 6B, as well as the Home Instructor’s Guide. Singapore is published in different formats. There is  a version of Singapore used by schools simply called Singapore Math. This version of Singapore does not cover as much information and the formatting is not as user friendly – this version is widely available in “School Stores.” Most Homeshoolers prefer the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition – which is what I suggest. The U.S. edition covers both standard and metric measurement and the material is presented in a manner that ensures life-long retention. Singapore uses mental math and word problems much earlier than other math curricula, which proves advantageous in later years for upper school math.

6A consists of 5 Chapters:

Chapter 1  Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 2  Solid Figures – Drawing Solid Figures and Nets

Chapter 3  Ratio – Ratio and Fractions; Ratio and Percents; Changing Ratios

Chapter 4  Percentage – Part of a Whole as a Percentage; One Quantity as a Percentage of Another; Solving Percentage Problems by Unitary Method

Chapter 5  Speed and Average Speed

6B consists of 6 Chapters:

Chapter 1  Fractions – Division; Order of Operations; Word Problems

Chapter 2  Circles – Radius & Diameter; Circumference; Area

Chapter 3  Graphs – Pie Charts

Chapter 4  Volume

Chapter 5  Triangles and 4-Sided Figures

Chapter 6  More Challenging Word Problems – Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, Ratio, Percentage, Speed


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