The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Our Experience

When we began homeschooling, everyone I consulted suggested purchasing a history encyclopedia to go along with our curriculum. I looked at the some of the choices available and was not overly impressed until one day I laid my hands on The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. This book was a game changer for us. It became the highlight of my son’s history studies each week. Not only did he complete the required reading (no more than a page or two), but he retained all of the information and loved sharing what he learned with our family. Because each selection contains an inset box of relevant dates, we were able to use it for our history time line. We used this book through four years of Story of the World and will now use it again with our high school level Ancient History curriculum. Each page combines not only pertinent facts about the time period, but also beautiful illustrations and photographs. I cannot imagine studying history without The Encyclopedia of World History. Not only has Usborne has become a favorite in our home, but also indispensable to our homeschool experience.0000252_300

The Facts

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History can be used alongside several history curricula including Story of the World and History Odyssey. If you look in the SOW Activity Book, underneath the chapter heading, you will find an encyclopedia cross reference section containing the page numbers which correspond to the Encyclopedia of  World History. The cross reference code is UILE, which stands for Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia.

The encyclopedia is divided into four sections:

  • The Prehistoric World
  • The Ancient World
  • The Medieval World
  • The Last 500 Years

Each section begins with instructions on how to access the Usborne Internet Quicklinks, as well as a section on internet safety. All of the links provided are safe sites which parents can feel good about their children accessing. The links vary as to content: some links take you to learning games on the subject being studied, some may be articles, and yet others may contain science or art projects.

The book paints vivid picture of everyday life over thousands of years and includes clear descriptions of Historical events — Reconstructions of exciting scenes throughout history — Fascinating illustrations — Over 100 maps — 12000-year illustrated time chart.

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