The Knight From the East

The Knight From the East

From Tharin Hrogarth, Pope of the Eastern Chapel.
Translated from old english to new english.

The story of the start of the Holy Order.


There once rode a knight, all clad in white
Who rode of the pope
To bring us serfs hope

He stopped his great steed and stood in front of the palace
While the lord, was thinking of great malice

When he saw the knight he welcomed him in
He pleased the knight by serving his whims

During the food he asked from where he came
But to no avail for the answer was the same,

“I come from the east, to see to god’s wishes”
“To please the peasants, who live in the ditches”

“I serve the cross, and please many a lad”
“While punishing all who do bad”

Of course the lord was in deep debt
For good the people were not kept

He asked for mercy and he wept and he wept
And for only one promise that must be kept

He was left in charge and ruled on and on,
As for the promise that said he would keep
He did not foresee the hardships so that he committed no deceit

But alas for now, his people rejoiced, and ate the food which was very


  1. Really, Really impressive! Is this what I have to look forward to when I homeschool my daughter next year? WOW!

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