Hot Words for the SAT

Hot Words for the SAT

Hot Words for the SAT

The Facts:

Hot Words for the SAT is for college-bound students. It presents and defines more than 365 words that appear most frequently on SAT exams. Each of 37 lessons focuses on a thematic word cluster—words having similar meanings or words that apply to similar circumstances. Also included are phonetic pronunciation keys for each word, memory tips, review exercises following every five lessons, and an alphabetical word index. This curriculum will help students attain higher scores on the SAT critical reading and writing sections.


Our Experience:

Thankfully, my son loves to study vocabulary and is famous for taking his new words out for a trial run. But even if he had been a reluctant learner, this curriculum is wonderfully engaging in its simplicity.


The introduction of Hot Words for the SAT is particularly informative. It talks about the use and reinforcement of new vocabulary, cluster words, study skills, and of course an explanation of how the text works. Each of the book’s 37 lessons begins with a list of cluster words as well as a phonetic pronunciation and definition of each word. The definitions section is followed by a list of memory tips for that particular cluster. There are short exercises in each chapter comprised of matching, sentence completion, and use of the words in context. There is a complete answer key contained in the book and helpful appendices including a list of “Tricky Twins” with such pairings as amity and enmity.


Breaking down daily lessons is made simple by the publisher’s logical presentation of material. We are enjoying this book so much that I will definitely check out other titles by this publisher in the future! Don’t worry, I promise to let you know if I find anything you can’t live without.


Adapting the Curriculum to Meet Specific Needs

Barron’s Hot Words for the SAT is not particularly adaptable to varying age groups. If you have a particularly precocious younger child preparing for the PSAT you may be able to adapt the curriculum to your needs. But I would use caution in doing so as it really intended for older students with a strong grammar background.

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