Key to Decimals Curriculum Review

Key to Decimals Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Key to Decimals was quite successful for my son. The material is presented in a logical, easy to understand format. Each book has several natural breaking points that allow the student to do as much or as little as he is comfortable with each day. Every book ends with a comprehensive test which allows the parent to decide whether the student is ready to move on to a new concept or need more time spent to master the skill. I loved that my son could do math on his own each day just call me in when he needed help or was ready to review the concept before moving on. Every concept is taught long hand and followed up with standard shortcuts so that the student understands the need to show his work.

The Facts

Key to Decimals provides self-paced, self-guided workbooks. It motivates students and builds their confidence with bite-size, easy to follow lesson. Key to Decimals is comprised of 4 worktexts and an answer guide which shows each step in the problem solving process.

Book 1   Decimal Concepts

Uses fractions, shapes, and scales to introduce decimals.

Book 2  Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Decimals

Uses calculators, picture problems, and money to guide the process.  The problems become more difficult as the book progresses and includes multi level story problems.

Book 3  Dividing Fractions

Uses graph paper to illustrate the importance of lining up numbers properly when dividing.  The concept of rewriting division problems in fraction form and then multiplying it is introduced.  This book also relies on story problems to make sure the concepts are well understood.

Book 4  Using Decimals

Builds on all the skills introduced in the first three books and includes number lines, story problems, graphing, money, measurement, and scientific notation.

Each book ends with a cumulative practice test that is both challenging and fair.


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