Fashion Design For Homeschoolers

Fashion Design For Homeschoolers

As homeschoolers, we have the ability to tailor our kids’ education in a way that allows them to learn by following their passion. This means that our children experience the world in a way that is both unique and meaningful. Sometimes, we get very lucky and just the right book falls into our lap. Today is that day.

 Let me introduce you to Nicole Sinclair, who recently published a book called From Feelings to Fashion: A Girl’s Design Journal. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Nicole is the Creative Officer for Style Sanctum, a fashion art studio. She is a fashion designer of great talent, a former homeschool mom, and Montessori homeschool consultant for The Homeschool Compass. She is passionate about fashion, education, and life in general.

 Nicole teaches that great fashion comes from great storytellers.

 “They share their stories through clothes. While successful designers use many concepts and principles to create beautiful clothes, one great source of inspiration are the emotions they experience everyday.”

 She has created a fashion journal that not only teaches some of the more technical skills, such as drawing the fashion figure without the use of templates, but also helps to develop critical thinking and research skills. This journal allows girls to use their daily experiences to create and capture inspiration.

As I read through From Feelings to Fashion, I found myself wishing that such a book existed when I was a teenager. Not only does it encourage girls to use their everyday experiences to inspire and create, but it allows them to process the difficult emotions experienced by every young girl. Being a teenage girl is difficult at best and this book helps them to sort through their emotions and use them to bring their ideas to life. She helps them find their creative voice.

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The book begins by giving the student a few facts about the fashion industry and asking them to answer questions about themselves. The student then moves on to drawing fashion figures and an explanation of their use. Each lesson is presented with a journal entry detailing a particular experience, such as something that may have occurred while hanging out with friends. It is followed by a brainstorm session which asks the student how they would handle the situation. They are then asked to create a sketch based on their brainstorm list.

There are Creative Thinking pages that ask students to find things that may be lying around such as beads, picture, fabrics, or anything else that may catch their eye to create an inspiration board. There is also a section that talks about the use of math and science in fashion and how to use research to design. It then asks the students to use those skills as inspiration.

Beyond the lessons and brainstorming sessions, From Feelings to Fashion contains many cool factoids, tools, and resources that your child will use for years to come. The illustrations done by very talented artist, John Furkin are as beautiful as they are inspiring.

 I have always harbored a secret desire to design my own clothes so I am working through the curriculum myself and having a great time!

 With an introductory price of just $ 9.99 From Feelings to Fashion is a great study guide and tool for your pre-teen and teenage kids. It is well laid out, contains great explanations, and very accessible and applicable lessons. To learn more, view sample pages, or to purchase the book, please visit From Feelings to Fashion: A Girl’s Design Journal.






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