Key to Fractions Curriculum Review

Key to Fractions Curriculum Review

Our Experience

Key to Fractions is quite honestly the best math curriculum I have ever used.  The material is presented in a slightly different order than most other math books. This curriculum is easy to understand, to implement, and sets the student up for success. My son not only loved doing fractions the Keys way, but the material was presented so well, that he can often do complex fraction problems in his head. I initially purchased Key to Fractions as a supplement to our primary math curriculum because I did not think that our primary curriculum spent enough time on fraction skills. This was our first introduction to the Key to series and my son was so successful using it, that he actually begged to do more math each day!!!  As a math challenged parent, I was thrilled with the change of attitude this curriculum evoked in my child!

The Facts

The Key to Fractions provides self-paced, self-guided workbooks. It motivates students and builds their confidence with bite-size, easy to follow lesson. This curriculum is broken down into 4 booklets.  The material is presented in a slightly different order than most other math books.  The change in order allows for greater student success. As with all Key to…books, there is a cumulative test at the end of each book. An answer book is available that not only gives the final answer to a problem, but illustrates each step in the process.

Book 1  Fraction Concepts

Book 1 introduces fractions with shapes divided into parts and then introduces terms such as numerator and denominator. Students are asked to convert numerical fractions into words and vice versa before moving on to number line placement. Next, are the concepts of equivalent and inequvalent fractions.  Students are asked to find four fractions equal to 1/8 for example.

Book 2 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

This book begins with a review of equal fractions and moves on to factors and product tables. After the student has mastered greatest common factors, he learns to simplify fractions, followed by reciprocals and division of fractions. There are story problems to emphasize real life applications of multiplying and dividing fractions.

Book 3 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Book 3 begins with a cumulative review of books 1 – 2 before moving on to number lines to demonstrate adding and subtracting fractions with common deniminators. The students are then asked to complete several pages of problems and to simplify each answer before moving on to multiples and finding least common denominators. The second half of the book concentrates on problem solving with fractions that do not have common denominators including problems that may have 3 or more fractions to be solved.

Book 4  Mixed Numbers

Book 4 teaches the student how to convert and work with mixed numbers.  Students are asked to complete addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, fraction problems and to simplify their answers.


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