About Us

Once upon a time there were 3 homeschool moms who happened to be friends. They were very active in their local homeschool co-op and happily shared their opinions on learning styles, curriculum choices, and anything homeschool-related with anyone who asked. One day, while out for a much needed girl’s night, the moms lamented the lack of good information on the internet for homeschoolers. They decided to share the vast information they had accumulated with the world. And so, The Homeschool Compass was born.

Marcy Guyer

Six years ago, Marcy Guyer was faced with a challenge– either find a new school for her bight, precocious son who had just finished the third grade, or convince her reluctant husband that home schooling would be their next big adventure.  Neither would be easy. Scouring the internet for resources wasn’t helping her cause, but Lady Luck pushed her into the knowledgeable embrace of a pretty incredible group of home school moms who were able to answer all of her questions and point her in all of the right directions.   Research done.  Curriculum set.  Husband still mildly reluctant, but mostly on board.  Let the adventure begin!

Today, Marcy is taking everything she has learned about being a home school mom and paying it forward.  She’s been where you are.  Full of questions and not knowing where to turn for answers.  Confident and terrified at the same time. As the President of a 200-family Atlanta home school co-op, as well as its Class Coordinator, Marcy has applied her love of reading and research to learn as much as she can about the home school experience and distill it down to its most basic nuts and bolts. Marcy believes that you are the expert on your own child and she is eager to help you on your journey. From helping you figure out your home school philosophy and teaching style, to suggestions on how to teach a full day, get your “day job” done (without doing it all in your pajamas), Marcy’s own experiences as a home school mom and consultant helped form the foundation for The Home School Compass.

Nicole Sinclair

As a graduate of ParsonsSchool for Design and the former creative officer for Style Sanctum– a fashion art studio in Charlotte, N.C.– Nicole has spent a great deal of time over the years teaching rising fashion stars to find and develop their “voice.”  Many of them are now dominating the fashion industry, working for brands like Marc Jacobs, Tibi, and Erin Fetherston.

Upon moving back to her hometown of Atlanta, part of getting settled in included enrolling her son in a school which, unfortunately, turned out to be a bad fit.  Determined to turn things around and help him reclaim his voice, she decided to recreate his Montessori experience at home.  Nicole’s family began their homeschool journey.  With goals ranging far beyond his book education, she strives to keep him excited about his healthy, grounded relationship with the universe, as well as his responsibility to it, while also maintaining his good habits and strong work ethic.

The Montessori Method works well for Nicole’s family and permeates every aspect of their lives.  While it works for them, something else may work better for you.  Nicole is excited to help other homeschoolers find the best fit for their own  family.


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