Second Grade Reading List

Standard questions often get standard answers. In my house, “Mom, I’m bored! What should I do?” is almost always met with, ‘READ!” It may be a simple answer, but let’s face it– before the answer completely leaves my lips I’m already anticipating, “But what should I read?” As a mom, I walk a fine line between just being happy that they read anything, and wanting to make sure they are reading quality material that will inspire them to become bookworms. It’s the literary equivalent of wanting them to “read” their vegetables in a world full of candy. Second-graders need their eyes and ears filled to capture their attention. This reading list includes award-winning authors and beautiful illustrations to satisfy both of your dietary needs.

First Grade Reading List

The internal struggle between what our kids CAN do and what they WANT to do follows them throughout their school career. How we address it early has a profound impact on how they address it themselves down the road. Your first-grader CAN read, but do they WANT to read? Do they read slowly? Are they intimidated by “big” books?Sometimes something as simple as the right choices can instill a life-long love of reading. This list focuses on books using context clues, illustrations, phonics, and common sight words to challenge, strengthen, and encourage first-grade readers.

Kindergarten Reading List

Beginning readers need predictability, phonics, and pictures. This list will start them on their way to becoming fluent readers. Many of these books can be re-told by a student after a few reading sessions. All of these books give a child the chance to practice their phonetic sounds with some common sight words. Begin their love for getting lost in a book as soon as possible!!