Coaching Services

No one knows your child better than you. Our coaching services are designed to encourage you in your homeschool journey and to help you set and achieve your goals.

Every family has their own unique circumstances and we want to help you find solutions best suited to your family’s needs.

  • We will direct you to the homeschool laws in your state.
  • We will help you understand different homeschooling philosophies and styles
  • We will help you with ideas of how to educate according to the educational philosophy you choose.
  • We will help you discover your children’s learning style.
  • We will suggest curriculum, resources and everyday learning ideas based on your goals and needs.
  • We will offer you ideas, personal experience, and inspiration for frustrations and problems you may be facing.
  • We will help you get organized, both in your home and with time management, in order to meet your homeschooling goals.
  • We can also offer help with lesson plan writing.
  • You will receive a complete copy of all the information we discuss and lists of any suggested curriculum and resources, along with a plan for implementation.


Our fee for one hour of coaching is $50, due before the coaching session. We suggest scheduling three sessions for new homeschoolers. The first session will be spent on gathering the correct information and determining your goals. The second session will be to explain the suggested curriculum and show you how to implement it. The third hour will take place after you have homeschooled for a few weeks so that we can adjust anything that may not be working for you.

We do not offer money-back guarantees.  If your concerns are something beyond our expertise, we will not accept the consultation.